ATC Wood Router


                    1. The whole machine body is made from steel seamless welding tempering aging treatment, rigid, no deformation.
                    2. Imported Taiwan HINWIN linear bearing guide, double row four ball slider, bearing capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long life, imports of Italian double nut ball screw, high precision, accurate knife.
                    3.HQD 9KW air-cooling spindle, long power life, speed up to 24000 r / min, carved smooth surface.
                    4. Large equipped with a separate cabinet, split keyboard operation, split keyboard operation, simple and convenient, easy to learn, referred to as "fool" so that users can quickly control the use of equipment, more independent.
                    5. With vacuum adsorption, vacuum cleaner device, six-zone vacuum adsorption table for the density board and other soft material processing unique design, can also be placed in different sizes of sheet metal to maintain the flatness of the board, so that the effect of engraved the same depth, and Improve the processing of sheet metal outside the loading and unloading time; vacuum system can be sucked in the processing process of wood chips and debris, to keep the table clean and indirect maintenance of the equipment.
                    6. Reference to the new generation of Taiwan SYNTEC 6MB control system, intelligent processing of cross-border protection, to prevent the design layout than the processing format caused by mechanical collision phenomenon. Equipped with hand wheel control, more convenient and flexible.
                    7. Software compatibility, compatible type3 / Artcam / Castmate and other CAD / CAM design software.
                    8. The machine is particularly suitable for carpentry, wooden doors, furniture, cabinets, molds and other materials of large quantities of processing.
                    9.Original Japanese Yaskawa servo motor and servo drive, high precision, high speed.
                    WORKING AREA(X*Y*Z) 1300mmx2500mm*200mm
                    BED SIZE 1300mmx2500mm
                    MAX WORKING SPEED 30m/min
                    REPEAT POSITION 0.05mm
                    Countertop structure Vacuum adsorption table
                    Command code G code
                    XYZ shaft structure XYZ full ball screw drive
                    Input Power 12KW
                    Power AC380V / 50Hz
                    Spindle power HQD 9KW air cooling changing tools
                    Spindle rotation speed 0-24000rpm / min
                    Drive motor Japan Yaskawa servo
                    Operating system Taiwan SYNTEC 6MB
                    Vacuum cleaner power 3KW
                    Vacuum pump power 7.5KW
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