Plasma laser Cutting

                    PLASMA CUTTING MACHINE


                    Main Features:
                    1. Integrated casting machine body with higher stability for higher precision 
                    2. High-performance laser source and stable operating system which make the best cutting effect. 
                    3. The machine owns perfect cooling system, lubrication system and dust removal system, to ensure that it can operate stably, efficiently and durably.
                    4. The machine is capable of automatic height adjustment to maintain constant focal length and stable cutting quality. 
                    5. The machine is used for cutting a variety of metals with excellent and stable cutting quality.
                    6. The specialized CAD / CAM automatic programming software and automatic nesting software aim to maximally save raw materials. 
                    7. Access to the CNC system through Ethernet interface makes communication and remote monitoring possible during the laser cutting process.
                    Technical Parameters:
                    NO. NAME QTY UNIT NOTE
                    1 MODEL 2040 1 SETS Thickened square tube
                    2 Driving mode 3 SETS X axis drive, Y bilateral drive,
                    3 X axis working area 2200 mm Cutting width 2000mm
                    4 Y axis working area 4600 mm Cutting length 4000mm
                    5 Driving system 3 PCS LEADSHINE MA860H
                    6 CNC system 1 PCS SF-2310S
                    7 Arc pressure regulator 1 PCS HYDCNC C-4
                    8 Transverse longitudinal cable transmission 2 PCS Engineering nylon chain
                    9 Driving motor 3 PCS High precision motor 450B(5A)
                    10 Transverse guide 2 PCS Liner bearing20(containing slider)
                    11 Longitudinal guide 2 PCS Liner bearing20 (containing slider)
                    12 Rack 12 PCS high precision helical teeth
                    13 Lifting body 1 SETS 130MM(ball screw with anti collision)
                    14 Transmission gear box 3 PCS The gear ratio of 1:5
                    15 Synchronous belt 3 PCS JINAN CNC
                    16 Synchronous belt   M Shanghai initial cable
                    17 Cutting mode     Plasma
                    18 Plasma Power 1 PICS HUAYUAN 100A(3P 220V/60HZ)
                    19 Plasma gun 1 PICS WANSHIDA
                    20 Bed Surface     3MM steel plate
                    21 Software 1 PICS STARCAM
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